May 2019

         Wednesday, May 1      9:30 AM – 2:30 PM

Take a day away from the busyness of your life to rest a while in the Lord and experience God’s presence. Come to Francis House for silence, personal prayer and optional spiritual direction.  The day begins and ends with a brief prayer together.  Come to as many as you can.  Donation: $10; $40 with spiritual direction.  Please bring a bag lunch.

        Friday, May 3          9:30 AM – Noon

There are similarities and differences between these two practices.  Contemplation is essentially prayer.  God and you are in a mutual exchange of love.  Prayer always involves two persons, one is God.  Mindfulness, on the other hand, is an awareness practice.  Mindfulness helps you pay attention.  Prayer is attentiveness and response to God and is an active engagement in your personal relationship.  We will practice both during this retreat morning so you experience the difference.  Donation: $20.

      7:00 PM Friday to 1:00 PM Sunday
        May 3 – 5
Due to the frantic pace of contemporary life, it is essential for our spiritual and physical health to take time to pray.  A weekend directed retreat offers you the opportunity to experience the graced rhythm of life in which silence and rest restore your body and God revives your soul.  Liturgy, spiritual direction and optional contemplative prayer periods are included.  Please register early.  These fill quickly. Donation: $130/$50 non-refundable deposit with registration.

        3 Wednesdays              6:30 – 8:00 PM
        May 8, 15 & 29

I can’t help myself.  This final series for the season is the best of all.  John of the Cross is too deep and steep for most of us to grasp, but Iain Matthew has captured the essence of John’s message as God making space for Himself.   John of the Cross testifies to a God who longs to meet us and to love us in our deepest need.  John’s writing draws us gently along the road of deepening relationship with this God of love, into the immense depth of life-giving prayer.  John gives us courage to believe in the possibility of change in our own lives, however unlikely or impossible this may seem.  Come to know John’s message through Iain Matthew.  Truly, it will change your understanding, experience, and relationship with your God.  Donation: $60, includes book.

        Thursday, May 9          9:30 AM – 1:00 PM

“My thoughts make all the difference in my world.”  Believe it or not, we have the ability to choose our thoughts.  This freedom is essential to our spiritual well-being and emotional health.  This morning retreat will help us learn to notice our thoughts as they arise and choose to accept them or replace them.  With prayer and practice, we can choose our thoughts and receive a mind at peace, stilled and available for conscious thinking at will.  Donation: $20, includes lunch & materials.

        Wednesday, May 15          9:30 AM – 1:00 PM

This presentation will explore three aspects of listening - listening to others, listening to self, and listening to God as paths to a deeper spiritual life.  Led by Jane Kopas.  Donation: $20, includes lunch.


        Presenter: Sister Kathleen Duffy, SSJ
        May 19 – 24      7:00 PM Sunday to 10:00 AM Friday

While on retreat in 1919, Teilhard experienced a transfiguration-like experience that he shares with us in his essay, “The Spiritual Power of Matter.”  During this transformative event, Teilhard is moved to commit himself to a life of struggle in every aspect of his life without yet knowing what these struggles might be.  In this retreat, we will consider the many ways Teilhard is confronted with struggle—as a scientist, believer, lover, Jesuit, mystic, and as a faithful member of the Church.  Together we will explore some of the more significant examples, notice Teilhard’s responses, and share our experiences so that we can learn better ways of dealing with the struggles that we face in our lives and in our world today.  Donation: $500/$60 non-refundable deposit with registration.

        Friday, May 24              1:00 – 4:00 PM
        Saturday, May 25          9:00 AM – Noon

Please come and help us clean Francis House.  Bring your favorite cleaning supplies.   Please choose a 3-hour shift that is convenient for you and call 609-877-0509 with your choice. Actually, it’s fun!  Thanks so much.  Breakfast & Lunch provided.

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